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A Martial Arts studio in Redmond, Washington that is a member of the California Aikido Association

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About Aikido

How is Aikido different than other martial arts?

Though there are many paths
At the foot of the mountain

All those who reach the top
See the same moon.

Different martial arts, and even different styles within a particular martial art, emphasize different aspects. Aikido is not better or worse; than any other martial art. It is simply different.

Aikido focuses on blending, redirection, and balance to protect in a peaceful non-violent way. This tends to take longer to become confident and fluid in the movements, and a lifetime to master. The advantage of Aikido is that you can study it from youth to retirement, and still have more to learn. Since it relies less on physical strength, conditioning, or ability it is open to people with all abilities.

It does not place emphasis on strikes, kicks, and ground grappling. Due to the blending nature, it is best to practice with a partner who is familiar with the techniques, and thus solo practice is not common.

Why should I take Aikido?

Two adult students doing kokyuho

Learning compassion for other is a true gift to yourself and to the world. Rather than focusing on the most efficient and destructive way to harm someone physically, mentally, or verbally, you learn to focus on providing just enough contact to make your point, achieve your goal, or divert harm. The principle of compassion carries just as much validity on the matt when deciding how hard to slam someone down, as in the work environment when you decide to avoid confrontation with a co-worker and instead strive for a win-win outcome on a problem.

Two adult students doing kokyunage

Too often we are caught up in the "Oh, ya, well you are too" type of arguments where you clash emotion for emotion, word for word, and sadly sometimes fist to fist. Blending with the event will allow you time to take a breath and think about the response and outcome you truly want from the engagement. Blending will allow the attack to not inflict damage to you, and will let you consider the situation from a safe and calm position. In Aikido you train with people of different abilities, sizes, strengths, and sometimes even from a place of great weakness such as from your knees. This practice also helps you understand that regardless of your position or state in life blending with everyone will help you connect with them, and understand better their intentions.

Two adult students doing tenchinage

Can you feel which foot your partner has their weight on? Can you feel their next movement with your fingertips? Can you tell when you enter a room which person you should greet first? Sensitivity to your surroundings is important for business engagements, as well as on the mat. Feeling your partner’s intent will help you decide which movement to make. Understanding when they are tense, or hesitant will help you keep them safe. Being sensitive to the ones around you will enable you to better connect with them and understand their direction.

Two adult students doing sumiatoshi

Learning to relax is sometimes difficult. Babies have this amazing ability to relax their body and become heavy when they don’t want to be picked up. Children are able to relax when talking with strangers. Adults rarely get to relax. Through Aikido training you learn to relax under stressful situations, as well as relax when working with people. No longer is the person who has 15 items in the fast lane at the supermarket a confrontation in the making. Instead you can relax and comment on how you really like that flavor of ice-cream, and that there is a store coupon for it. When you are relaxed you extend a sence of power around you that others sense and appreciate.

Advanced Adult Class

Picture of an advanced student being fliped

The Advanced Adult Class is for those who have achieved a certain amount skill as determined by the instructor. The techniques taught in this class are fast moving and challenging. In the advanced class, the students practice a wide range of techniques from knife and sword take away, to advanced falling. All of this is done in a safe and friendly environment.