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A Martial Arts studio in Redmond, Washington that is a member of the California Aikido Association

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Aikido Academy
14860 NE 95th St.
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History of Aikido

Picture of O-Sensei

The traditional Japanese Martial Art of Aikido was developed in the early part of the last century by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), known as O-Sensei ("venerable teacher"). A disciplined student of martial principle and philosophy, O-sensei created Aikido out of his exhaustive study of armed and unarmed methods of defense. Unlike other martial arts, emphasis in Aikido is not directed towards competitive tournaments. Aikido techniques seek harmony in the neutralization and control of, rather than in the violent defeat of an attacker. Potentially destructive energy is redirected through the synthesis of the body and mind into movement.

Aikido's styles are generated from strategy, movement, and a variety of throwing, joint locking, pinning, and striking techniques that require little physical strength to perform. Training stresses form, mutual cooperation, awareness of others and coordination of the body's movement with a calm state of mind. Aside from its utility as a method of self-defense, Aikido also stresses the perfection of character and development of positive human qualities such as compassion, courage, endurance and inner strength.