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A Martial Arts studio in Redmond, Washington that is a member of the California Aikido Association

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Children’s Program

A student jumping

Children Welcome!

  • Classes geared towards children, starting at age 4!
  • Develop focus and patience
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Relax in our competition-free environment
  • Earn rewards and encouragement
  • Spend time as a family with family classes
  • Nationally recognized teacher of children's instructors
  • Have fun!

Two children focusing in school

Focus: A Powerful Tool For Life

At Aikido Academy our curriculum has helped many children improve their focusing skills. By incorporating plenty of positive reinforcement and fun focusing games with the techniques of Aikido, we have been able to help many children achieve a better level of focus at home and in the classroom.

Two students doing rolls in a 6 to 12 year-old class

Confidence And Self-Esteem

In Aikido there is no competition. The only person a child is encouraged to challenge is him/herself. Here at Aikido Academy we strive to bring out the best in a child, letting them know that it is okay to make mistakes. In fact mistakes are the only way we learn!

Four students having fun playing a game

Fun Classes

It has been proven that people learn faster in an environment that is fun, positive, and stress free. At Aikido Academy we are always exploring different techniques that will keep our classes stimulating, invigorating, and fun.

A student in the 4 to 6 year-old class throwing a helper


In our Children’s Program we feel that focus, respect and teamwork are very important. To help encourage this we have a series of stripes that reward a child who is striving to improve in these behaviors. Here is a list of the stripes, and how you, as a parent, can help your child earn one.

A student throwing her dad in the family class

Family Class

Want to have some fun with your kid? Try coming to one of the family classes, where parents can do Aikido too. The family classes offer busy parents an excellent opportunity to do something with their children.

Not sure if you can make it to the class all the time? Not a problem. Although parents are welcome to train in these classes, children can train without their parents.