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A Martial Arts studio in Redmond, Washington that is a member of the California Aikido Association

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Aikido Academy
14860 NE 95th St.
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Martial Arts

How is Aikido different than other martial arts?

Though there are many paths
At the foot of the mountain

All those who reach the top
See the same moon.

Different martial arts, and even different styles within a particular martial art, emphasize different aspects. Aikido is not better or worse; than any other martial art. It is simply different.

Aikido focuses on blending, redirection, and balance to protect in a peaceful non-violent way. This tends to take longer to become confident and fluid in the movements, and a lifetime to master. The advantage of Aikido is that you can study it from youth to retirement, and still have more to learn. Since it relies less on physical strength, conditioning, or ability it is open to people with all abilities.

It does not place emphasis on strikes, kicks, and ground grappling. Due to the blending nature, it is best to practice with a partner who is familiar with the techniques, and thus solo practice is not common.